7 things you learn from attending WFU Kamp Kenwood


1. You learn that Lake Wissota is both for swimming and where you send scary villains


Theme nights transform camp into outer space galaxies, underwater escapes, or medieval castles, and where you and your fellow campers are charged with traveling through time and space to figure out who is causing some new mayhem. Some of your most vivid memories of camp will be watching counselors at the end of a night standing on the dock confronting the “villain” who was trying to take over camp and then bravely pushing them into the lake saving us all.


2. You learn public speaking skills without realizing you are learning public speaking


Looking back after years of attending Wisconsin Farmers Union Kamp Kenwood you realize that you have learned how to speak in front of a group of people. Somewhere between running for the co-op store board, explaining to your peers why you would be a good fit for the governing board, or planning and preforming a skit about a truly epic quest you learn how to speak calmly and confidently to a group and have fun while you do it.


3. You learn that getting up early to go for a nature walk or to jump in the lake really is worth it


Kamp Kenwood is full of many moments where you will run around and sing as loud as you possibly can, but camp will also create a space where you learn that taking a quiet moment for yourself and enjoying nature is a good thing. While you may grumble about waking up early, you will learn that nothing compares to the quite moments early in the morning at Kamp Kenwood. Deciding to wake up and walk through the state park woods just as the fog is lifting or at senior camp to go to the lake for quick plunge into calm and somehow warm water will teach you to appreciate every moment of the camp experience.


4. You learned the secret of cooperatives


After you attend WFU Kamp Kenwood you will realize that you are now part of group of people who understand and value the concept of cooperation and cooperatives. Between countless cooperative games like rubber chicken toss or lessons on the seven co-op principles, cooperatives around the world or how to start a co-op in your community you know that cooperatives are pretty amazing - and you aren’t afraid of telling that to everyone you meet.


5. You learn that a little bit of orange facepaint makes every capture the flag game even more intense.


Orange, blue, or even purple facepaint means it is time to put on your running shoes and get ready for an all camp game. It means quick dashes to the other side of camp looking for a brightly colored pool noodle or linking arms with your teammates and singing Puff the Magic Dragon as loud as you can to get out of jail. Of course, it also means that it is time for really great group cabin pictures that you can look back at when you are missing your camp friends in the middle of the school year.


6. You learn about issues that are bigger than you


While there is no lack of fun and games at WFU Kamp Kenwood you also have the opportunity to learn about important local and international issues that are happening in your world. You learn how to respectfully discuss and debate issues and to think outside the box. You get to leave each summer a more informed citizen having talked about things like immigration, water quality and quantity, fair trade, or renewable resources.


7. You will meet some of your closest friends at a place that accepts you for who you are


Even years later you will find that driving down the curving road to camp fills you with same feelings of excitement and homecoming that you felt when you were a junior camper and you will always know that you have a home at Wisconsin Farmers Union Kamp Kenwood.

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