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Wisconsin Farmers Union has produced two podcasts over the last several years.

Follow the links below or find them on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Farmer Labor Podcast Season 2 logo.png

The Farmer-Labor Podcast explores power in the farm economy: how farmers build it, how workers build it, and why they need to continue to work together. The farm-labor alliance in the United States dates back to the 1870s, but its flaws help explain why unions and farmers are both clawing back in the 21st century. In this series, we'll make the case for farmers to embrace solidarity across the economy, drawing on history and leading voices from Farmers Union, Wisconsin, and beyond.

FUPSP Logo Final.png

Want to learn more about food safety on your farm and the FSMA Produce Safety Rule? Check out the Farmers Union Food Safety Podcast series! 

This podcast is hosted by Chris Blanchard with support from the National Farmers Union Local Food Safety Collaborative and funding from the Food and Drug Administration.

Queen Bee Sessions.png

The Queen Bee Sessions are monthly conversations with Wisconsin Women in Conservation, a collaboration between four Wisconsin agricultural organizations seeking to connect more women landowners and farmers with conservation resources.

Copy of Dairy Together Podcast thumbnail Final.png

The Dairy Together podcast offers a vision for the future of dairy. On each episode of this podcast, we’ll chat with different guests about grassroots efforts to bring stability and profitability to dairy farmers in Wisconsin and across the country. We're embracing a vision to for a vibrant agricultural landscape in Wisconsin and across the country; one where many farms operate at different scales to ensure a stable supply of food. Whether you’re listening from the barn, out doing field work, or anywhere in between, tune in to hear about efforts to create meaningful dairy policy changes in the upcoming farm bill. Learn more at

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