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Grassroots Policy

Wisconsin Farmers Union is a member-driven organization, meaning that our members determine the organization's policy toward important issues.

Each year at our annual convention, delegates from across the state debate and adopt resolutions for our policy book, which we use to make clear and concise recommendations to our legislators. Download or view our policy book below.


Government Relations

Our policy team in Madison, WI is working for you on a daily basis at the State Capitol, informing our legislators of our positions, and keep our membership up to date about policies that affect us.

Copies of state legislative bills are available upon request.

Michelle Ramirez-White

Government Relations Director 




  • Food Systems – from abundant local foods to fair commodity prices and dignity for family farmers everywhere

  • Local Control– to protect the environment and our communities

  • Rural Schools – WFU in partnership with the WI Rural Schools Alliance, has released a series of graphs showing the effects of the Governor's budget on rural school districts

  • Health – from access to healthcare for farm families to healthy food for school nutrition programs

  • Land and Water Conservation – from working lands preservation to farming practices that protect our natural resources

  • Education and Technology– from deployment of high-speed internet to rural areas to support for rural schools

  • Energy – from renewable energy support to community concerns about transmission lines and stray voltage

  • International Trade and Federal Farm Policy –from fair trade practices and anti-trust protection to a Farm Bill that works for all

  • Good Government – from campaign finance reform to nonpartisan redistricting

We encourage you to read, download, & distribute our info sheets about the following topics:

Contact Your


Find your US Senators and State Representatives & Legislators.

Connect With Your Chapter

Meet with people in your area to advocate on the issues facing Wisconsin communities.

Dairy Together

Join the movement to rebuild a viable dairy economy for family farmers and rural communities. 

Speak Up

Raise your voice by organizing around issues, writing op-eds and LTEs, passing resolutions, and more. 

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