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Leadership Opportunities

Wisconsin Farmers Union Emerging Leaders Program 

WFU invites aspiring  leaders  within the membership to attend the Farmers Union  Emerging Leaders  Retreat, held once a year in spring. Emerging Leaders is a great way to connect with other WFU members and take your leadership skills to the next level. Programming often includes interactive presentations around leadership  teams, building power, chapter development, issues facing rural WI, and more. Network with other WFU  Emerging  Leaders  while developing the skills to help move our organization forward! 

Contact WFU Membership Director Kirsten Slaughter at for more info.

Beginning Farmer Institute (National Farmers Union)

Beginning Farmer Institute (BFI) is a free, year-long training program intended to improve the health of your farm or ranch business. We aim to bring together participants from diverse backgrounds around shared learning objectives, including business formation, taxation, accounting, land, labor, credit, and business planning.

Farmers Union Enterprises Leadership (FUEL) Program

Each year Farmers Union Enterprises sponsors a program that is committed to developing and empowering future Farmers Union leaders in the FUE region of Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.


Participant(s) experiences include:

• Visits and activities that enhance their knowledge of cooperatives and the role that Farmers Union plays.

• Training and hands-on experiences enabling effective leadership.

• Know-how to manage, coordinate
and orchestrate meetings.

• A fly-in to Washington, D.C. to take part in the legislative process.

• Relationship-building and networking with other local, state, and national Farmers Union leaders through the
National Farmers Union Convention and a State Convention.

• The pleasure of being involved with hard work and good times.

Nomination/Application Process:

To nominate an individual or couple from your chapter or to submit your own application, please call 715-723-5561 or email Camryn Billen at


To apply, you please fill out the following application, which includes: 

• Description of their farming enterprise

• A brief resume of candidate(s)

• Explanation of why you would like to be considered for the program


The WFU Board will review the essays and notify the selected individual or 

couple in late 2023.

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