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Dairy Together embraces a vision to preserve and grow a vibrant agricultural landscape in Wisconsin and across the country; one where many farms operate at different scales to ensure a stable supply of food, use a variety of conservation practices to create a healthy environment, and generate enough profit for farmers and workers to make a good living doing something they love. We envision a future where the rural communities supported by these farms are some of the most desirable places to live. 

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WiWiC is a state-wide collaborative effort led by the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in partnership with Renewing the Countryside, Marbleseed, and Wisconsin Farmers Union.  A five-year multi-faceted project funded by the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), WiWiC brings together Wisconsin women landowners to learn about conservation practices, resources, and funding opportunities.

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The WI LFPA program aims to strengthen local and regional food systems, support Wisconsin farmers, and distribute fresh nutritious foods to underserved communities. Marbleseed is working with project partners Wisconsin DATCP, Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative to provide program development, coordinate transportation and logistics, and procure food from local producers. 

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Farmer-Led Watershed Council of the St. Croix and Red Cedar Rivers is a group of farmers and landowners who promote adoption of conservation agriculture within four watersheds in western Wisconsin.

Horse Creek Watershed (Polk County)
Dry Run Watershed (St. Croix County)
South Kinni watershed (Pierce County)
Hay River Watershed (Dunn County)

Farm Climate Smart WI is empowering Northeast Wisconsin farmers to implement climate-smart agriculture practices. The project supports farmers by connecting them to innovative tools, knowledge, and resources that help them to remain resilient in the face of climate and market changes.

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