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Wisconsin Farmers Union
Kamp Kenwood

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Kamp Kenwood is Wisconsin Farmers Union's annual retreat for its summer camp program. The time before and after summer camp season, the facility is available for family gatherings, weddings, business conferences, and more! 

Kamp Kenwood borders Lake Wissota State Park to our north and is punctuated by beautiful Lake Wissota to our south. It is the ideal spot for people from all across the Midwest to come together, have fun and learn.

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In the 1940's, Kamp Kenwood started with a dream. That dream became reality through the hard work and contributions of farm families, Farmers Union organizations, and local cooperatives.

Built on the shores of Lake Wissota through volunteer labor by members of Wisconsin Farmers Union over 50 years ago, Kamp Kenwood was named in honor of former WFU President Ken Hones.

Wisconsin Farmers Union held the official dedication for Kamp Kenwood on Saturday, October 6, 1951. During his dedication remarks, National Farmers Union President James G. Patton declared,

"In these buildings and others like and I will pass on all we can of our experience and our knowledge, and hand over the torch into the hands of trained, energetic, clear and farsighted young people of another generation. This more than a symbol of the accomplishment of the Farmers Union of today. It is a link between today and tomorrow."

Kamp Kenwood's educational mission has flourished in the time since its dedication and today remains true to the vision of its Farmers Union founders by offering a place for people of all ages to come together to celebrate, to learn, and to enjoy family, friends, and nature.

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