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Wisconsin Farmers Union has identified 3 overarching frames that encapsulate much of the work we do and policy positions that we take. These frames were identified because of their ability to resonate with a broad cross-section of Wisconsinites. 


Guiding Frames

  • Building economic prosperity that supports family farmers and rural communities through fair prices paid to farmers and fair markets, good public education and access to affordable health care and rural broadband. Support for fair wages for everyone, rural and urban. 


  • Caring for the land and water, protecting water quality and quantity and engaging farmers as key change makers in this work.


  • Restoring democracy through campaign finance reform, fair elections, and support for local control.


It will take a critical mass of people to bring about the changes we need to happen for our communities. Now more than ever, we need people like you to step up and get engaged. Consider one or more of the following ways to get involved. 

Write an op-ed or letter to the editor. The WFU Communications Team is ready and willing to provide you with the tools and training to confidently write to your local, state, and national media outlets. 

Become an organizer. Attend an organizer training and learn to build power through relational organizing. 

Host a house meeting. A house meeting is a space for discussion about our community, the challenges we face, and our own place in the solution.

Deep canvassing. Learn new ways to meaningfully connect with voters who don’t always share our views.

Sign up to be a media contact. Raise your voice by volunteering to be a Rural Voices media contact. Wisconsin Farmers Union is constantly receiving requests from members of the media to speak to farmers and rural community members.


Share your story. Do you have a story or expertise about any of the following issues? Sign up here.
Climate Change - Nonpartisan Redistricting - Consolidation/Concentration/Monopoly Power/Antitrust - Healthcare - Dairy - Commodity Markets - Food Systems - Oversight of Large Livestock Facilities and CAFOs - Meat Processing Infrastructure

This work will reframe the debate from an urban-rural divide to an urban-rural continuum. Working with our members and in coalition with other groups, we will work to build relationships and frame and elevate shared values.


We will highlight positive outcomes that come when we work together in our communities and build a collaborative and cooperative economic and social life. By building strong networks and modeling positive outcomes and civic engagement, we can break the stranglehold that divided, zero-sum thinking has on our communities and our civic discussion.

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