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Mental health resources

  At our organization, we deeply value the mental health and well-being of farmers. We recognize the unique challenges and pressures they face in their profession, and we are committed to providing support and resources to address these concerns. Through various initiatives, we strive to raise awareness about mental health issues in the farming community and promote a culture of openness and understanding. Our goal is to ensure that farmers have access to the necessary tools, information, and assistance to prioritize their mental well-being. By prioritizing mental health, we aim to contribute to the overall resilience and success of farmers and their families.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call 9-8-8 ​immediately. 

Information & ResourceS

Farming brings unique ch​allenges, be it weather, markets, or labor shortages. While stress is a part of life, prolonged and increasing amounts can negatively impact overall wellness, even leading to depression or anxiety.


When stress is high and you need someone to turn to, the Farmer Wellness Program can assist. It is designed to provide farmers and their families access to services that can help them navigate life's challenges.​​ 

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or just need a welcoming ear to talk to, please call the 24/7 Wisconsin Farmer Wellness Helpline at (888) 901-2558.

The ongoing economic conditions in agriculture are taking a toll on farm families and their rural communities. The associated chronic stress is also impacting mental and physical well-being, relationships, and decision-making. Extension helps farmers, families, businesses, and communities remain resilient by learning how to manage stress and use planning tools to make sound decisions and create a road-map for the future.

COMET™ (Changing Our Mental and Emotional Trajectory) is a short, two-hour program offered by UW – Madison Division of Extension educators for the agricultural and rural communities in Wisconsin. The program can be offered in-person as a standalone workshop, attached to a larger conference, or on a virtual platform. The maximum number of participants for any of these formats is 30. The program is a gentle introduction to supporting friends and neighbors in a vulnerable space to help them shift their mental health trajectory back to a place of wellness and away from the path of a mental health crisis. This program was developed by the High Plains Research Network Community Advisory Council specifically for rural communities.   

Farm Well Wisconsin partners with farmers and community members in Southwestern Wisconsin to develop and offer resources that support the health and wellbeing of farmers, farmworkers, and their families. We believe farming well depends on taking care of our bodies, minds, emotions, and relationships.

VA has a variety of mental health resources, information, treatment options and more — all accessible to Veterans, Veterans’ supporters and the general public. Explore the pages below to learn more about a specific mental health topic or to find information specifically tailored to your needs. You can also visit the Get Help page to explore VA resources that address the unique stressors and experiences that Veterans may face

AgWell is a program sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, and supported by grants from the Western Regional Agricultural Stress Assistance Program and the Colorado Trust


Founded in 2021 as an organization designed to provide stress management support to agricultural workers throughout Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico, AgWell works through a collaborative network of community partners to connect farmers, ranchers, agricultural workers, and their families to the resources they need to get the support they deserve.

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