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WFU Statement on SCOWI Legislative Maps Decision

CHIPPEWA FALLS – On March 3rd, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court adopted the “least change” version of Gov. Tony Evers’s legislative maps.

Wisconsin Farmers Union released the following statement in response to the decision on legislative maps:

“While the Wisconsin Supreme Court ultimately decided on the ‘least worst’ proposal, these are still very much partisan maps,” said WFU Communications and Special Projects Coordinator Tommy Enright. “We’ve already seen the damage inflicted in our state when one party’s majority is unfairly cemented—voter disenfranchisement, uncompetitive races, extreme partisanship — and waiting another 10 years to fix our flawed redistricting system won’t help anyone.

Voters have seen that our government today serves powerful special interests, instead of Wisconsin’s citizens, which is why the overwhelming majority of Wisconsinites support nonpartisan redistricting. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ‘s decision to use a ‘least change’ approach to redistricting all but guaranteed an unfair advantage in our hyper-partisan state legislature for years to come.

Nonetheless, Wisconsin Farmers Union, along with other organizations and the people of Wisconsin, will continue to fight for fair maps in our state.”

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