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Action Alert: Advocate for WFU's Grassroots Policy in the State Budget!

The Joint Finance Committee virtual hearing filled up in less than an hour, demonstrating how important this budget is to the people of Wisconsin.

If you didn't get a chance to register, please be sure to send your written comments to the Joint Finance Committee. Click the link to submit comments online, or email them to

Comments will be accepted until 12 PM on Friday, April 30th so start writing right away! You can also send a copy to your legislators so they know you are weighing in.

Be sure to register for WFU's Budget Action Meetings with your legislators in May to make sure they have a chance to hear from you directly.

Key Opportunities to Support Agriculture and Rural Communities

The current budget proposal includes significant investments in agriculture, rural broadband, conservation, and healthcare - issues that have been identified as priorities by Wisconsin Farmers Union members. As lawmakers prepare to amend and vote on the budget, it’s critical they hear how this funding will impact family farmers and rural residents across the state.

Highlights from Governor Evers' proposed budget include:

  • Badgercare expansion

  • Support for local meat processing

  • Support for sustainable farming practices like grazing

  • Increased funding for county conservation staff

  • Two-thirds funding for public education

  • Nonpartisan redistricting

  • Automatic voter registration

  • Broadband expansion grants

  • Driver’s licenses for all

There are a number of ways to get involved to ensure these priorities are included in the next budget - from weighing in with the Joint Finance Committee, to meeting with your legislators, to sharing your story with the media.

WFU’s Budget Action Toolkit provides a roadmap for budget advocacy around several key issues. You can find it on our website at

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